Karen Tarr

As an artist and biologist, I like to explore the connections between art and science.  For me, the two disciplines are natural partners; both require creativity, curiosity and a search for truth and beauty. I am interested in challenging preconceptions and breaking out art and science from their respective pigeon holes.  I like to express what I have learned as a scientist within my art to demonstrate the beauty (in the literal and design sense) of the natural world. I see myself in part as an educator but want people to have an emotional response to my work.

I am also deeply concerned about environmental issues and interested in the human footprint be it destructive or creative. Although generally drawn to the natural world and science, my other interests include literature, music, history and archaeology.

True to form, I have an experimental approach to my work and use a variety of media. I favour natural materials and often combine 2D imagery (painting, drawing, printing and photography) with 3D structures. I usually incorporate light in some way. Light creates atmosphere, stimulates emotion and imparts colour. I am attracted by its ephemeral quality- the fact that its effects are short-lived and never exactly repeated. I often work with materials that are translucent. In this way, the work is imbued with the qualities of light and takes on its surroundings. The imagery is revealed or obscured depending on shifts in light or the position of the observer. So, the viewer’s experience of the work is unique to them. 




I am based in the Blackdown Hills on the Devon/Somerset border in the Southwest of England

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